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Birmingham Paternity Testing

Birmingham was the first city in Britain to hold a St. Patrick's Day parade in 1952. The city's large Irish community has continued to grow the parade each year, with last year's celebrations attracting 135,000 revellers.

The streets of the city turned green, white and gold as local communities created one of the biggest St. Patrick's Day parades in the world. 60 floats, more than 1,000 walkers and flag flyers were accompanied by marching bands, Irish dancers, flute players and schoolchildren. Only Dublin and New York hold bigger parades!

DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) has had a number of requests for paternity testing from the City of Birmingham local government and also from direct members of the Birmingham public. If live in or are visiting Birmingham and require a Birmingham paternity test please feel free to contact us.

Did you know?

The centre of the Asian music industry, 90% of Bhangra originates from Birmingham. Reflecting the rich diversity of our multicultural community, Birmingham has nurtured and produced some of the foremost classical dancers in the Indic tradition.

Kokuma, one of Britain's leading black dance companies, is based in the city, as is Black Voices, an all female acapella group.

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