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DNA Ancestry Tests

DNA Diagnostics Centre is delighted to offer a range of exciting DNA Ancestry testing services at reduced prices for a limited time. If you’re looking to discover the origins of your maternal or paternal side of your family you will require a lineage test for either the male or female line depending on your requirement. If you wish to determine your genetic profile and are curious to know how European, African, indigenous American or Asian you are in % terms you will require the AncestrybyDNA test.

All our test kits contain full information on the test you require and swabs for simple, painless collection of your DNA sample with full instructions. Further information on the range of Ancestry services we offer are listed below:


For further information on our comprehensive ancestry testing services, please call our ancestry department on 0845 408 2084 or send your message via our feedback form below. We look forward to assisting you.

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